How do you pack the products?
We pack the products one by one with foam pad and PP membrane.

How are the items packaged?
We can make standard carton or paper tube retail package, wooden case/pallet according to your requirement."

How do you guarantee the quality of your products?
First of all, we will check the product after each process, but we will check 100% before send to you.

What's your minimum quantity of an order?
The minimum quantity is usually one piece.

What is your sample price?
Please contact us for the latest price list.

Is the product exactly the same as the picture?
The real picture is for reference only. Different computers may display different colors. Different materials/face work can also affect! And everyone has different color recognition, so we can't guarantee that the color you see is exactly the same as the actual color of the product.

Has the order been sent that can be tailored with changes in size and details?
You can change your order only if you send A detailed email within 48 hours after the tailored order has been sent. Once your order has been manufactured or shipped, it cannot be modified.

What should I do if I don't like or apply the product after using it?
We hopes that what customers buy is really suitable for them. Please confirm whether the color number or item is correct when placing an order. If you have any problem with the product, please do not open it first and contact our customer service without delay.

After the order is established, can we cancel, order more, change the quantity and color of the product, or combine the order for free shipping?
After the order is established, the content of the order cannot be modified or added, only the order can be cancelled; If you need to modify or add, please place a separate order. If the order status is "shipped", you can not cancel the order, please handle the return after receiving the goods, and contact customer service.

Mass production time and delivery time.
The production cycle is usually 1-2 weeks, and the production time will vary according to the quantity. Different products have different production cycles

How do I check stock availability?
Each of our products is made for you after placing an order and then arranged for factory production to ensure that the products delivered to you are brand new.

Can I return items?
This is overseas logistics and transportation. Taxes and logistics costs are very expensive. After placing an order here, non-quality problems do not support returns.

What payment methods do you accept?
All of our customers are direct bank transfer by T/T to remit money to us through the bank, and the company account to company account is also safer and more reliable.